The Receiver Files Contempt and Arrest Proceedings Against Vincent Shi


In response to Vincent Shi’s continued refusal to comply with courts in Hong Kong and the United States, which have issued legally valid and enforceable receivership orders, today, the Receiver has filed an order of contempt of court against Mr. Shi which includes a request for his arrest and incarceration. The full text of the Receiver’s letter documenting this change is attached.

针对史文勇继续拒绝遵守香港和美国法院所颁布的接管令,接管人已向法院申请逮捕与监禁史文勇,指控他蔑视法庭 。在此附上接管人给董事会的信函(中英文),请所有现任与前任的员工细读此信。