Omar Khan, former NQ’s co-CEO’s open letter to Link Motion’s Board

Hello LKM board,

I know you have been searching for an amicable solution to the issues that face LKM and the board currently.  It is quite obvious that you are at an impasse and that this path is not possible.
Time has run out.
The shareholder-led action that I warned you about is now fully underway.  I have joined forces with large shareholders in the United States and Asia to initiate the shareholder requisition.  In less than 36 hours, we have already collected 85%+ of the required shares to move forward.  This WILL happen with or without the support of the board.  It will be happening extremely soon.
As former co-CEO and board member, I will personally participate in this action publicly.  This will generate significant media and regulator interest and scrutiny in the United States, China and Hong Kong.  I can no longer stay silent and allow you all to continue acting against shareholders, employees and partners.
Make no mistake, we will get the remaining shares quickly and we have the votes necessary to enact the changes that we demand, including the removal of all current board members loyal to both Vincent and Henry.  We will install an effective board that properly represents shareholder and company interests.
You still have the opportunity to take the proper actions without this action.  You have a fiduciary responsibility to act accordingly.  I suggest you convene a board meeting immediately, vote and make the necessary disclosures this week.
Omar Khan

9 thoughts on “Omar Khan, former NQ’s co-CEO’s open letter to Link Motion’s Board”

  1. Thank you, Omar! This has been a long time coming! Finally us individual shareholders have a voice! Go LKM (w new management)!

    1. Show u the way Omar .. many Thks to u and Tony Tristani for voicing out our unhappiness n kick out Vincent , Lin and their cronies in the BOD ..

  2. Hi,

    Though I support your action, but this letter seems not written by Omar.
    The English is weird in a way and it has some grammmer problems. It is written by a Chinese.

    You have to be honest if you want to pursue this path. Otherwise, it will fail and even you guys will face illegal consequences when you make fake statements like this.

    1. We completely understand your skepticism. In this day and age, anyone can put up a website, and fill it with content that are of questionable origin.

      We want to assure our supporters that the letter did come from Omar, and everything that is on this website is genuine. Don’t take our word for it, just follow along. In the days and weeks ahead, we will have a lot more evidence that will prove beyond any doubt that we are for real.

      Thanks for your support

  3. being a suffering shareholder from pre-muddy water, I have been waiting for this to happen for so long. Thank you!

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