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Matt Mathison, the VP of LKM’s capital market tweeted the an open letter this morning.  One month has passed since his previous open letter on September 15th, calling for the ouster of founder and Chairman Vincent Shi, so that the 20F process can move forward.  Sadly, nothing has happened.  Neither Vincent Shi nor the board did anything to advance the 20F, completely failing their fiduciary duty to shareholders. We are one month away from a six months reprieve(5/15-11/15), at which point another hearing in front of the exchange and regulators are needed. God knows what the NYSE or the SEC will decide. But, that isn’t even the point anymore. By the look of things, six months from now, hell, six years from now, we might still not see the 20F the way these clowns are working. So, we must take matters into our own hands and just kick those morons to the curb and get some fresh blood in here.

LKM Open Letter 10.9.18

Open Letter of Action

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