First week wrap up

It has been a little over 48 hours since the website went live. The support and responses from fellow investors are amazing. We heard you loud and clear and we will most definitely fight on with conviction and determination. As we have said in some of the email responses: we cannot guarantee a favorable outcome, but we can guarantee a most vigorous fight for all shareholders, whether you own one million shares, or one hundred shares.

As of last night, we had over 22 million shares pledged to support our cause, and the number continues to go up. But, this is only the beginning. We want every aggrieved shareholder to join our cause. Please help us spread the word, tell your Stocktwits buddies, your chat group friends, anyone and everyone no matter how many shares they have. The silent majority cannot stay silent anymore.

Today’s open letter from Mr. Omar Khan marks a turning point in our shareholder action. He is the perfect spokes person for our grass root campaign. We have reached out to Mr. Khan. Perhaps he will have more to say on the subject come next week. Stay tuned!

Thanks everyone for your support. We are just getting started. Spread the word and join the fight.

Have a great weekend.