Fellow Shareholders

The founders of LKMforward have retained legal counsel with the Seiden Group, lawyers who specialize in our specific situation --- shareholder actions with specific skills to navigate and piece through the China veil in these matters.

We are asking for a $0.005/sh donation (ex 50K shares= $250) and these funds will be delivered directly to an escrow account that is held and managed by the law firm. The payment information, via either bank wire or credit card, is listed below. Our group has specifically negotiated a fair and discounted rate given we are individuals --- and Seiden has been willing to work with us. We are planning to do things in stages --- and will move on to the next stage, and larger legal costs, only if it makes sense. Legal fees will not be added to costs without pre-clearance and a formal decision. While it is hoped that legal fees can ultimately be reimbursed by the company --- one should treat it as a contribution to the fight.  As of today, we are at 31.8M shares pledged and working towards sending out the requisition letter.

Thank you for your support!

Credit Card Payment:

Contact Robert Seiden, mention LKM investors group

Tel: (646)766-1724

Email: sseiden@seidenlegal.com

Wiring Instructions:

Available Upon Request