Communicate Directly with the Court-Appointed Receiver

As the Court-Appointed Link Motion Receiver has diligently progressed in its court-appointed task of managing the Company and restoring assets, we have received many inquiries and information from employees, management and other stakeholders in the Company. We welcome these inquiries and will continue to do our part in assisting the court-appointed receiver.

Today, the Court-Appointed LKM Receiver has created an official email account that is managed by and controlled by them directly.  We ask that all interested parties, current and former employees, shareholders, and anyone who has any information that may help the Receiver in its court-authorized duties to please send such information directly to the Court-Appointed LKM Receiver’s email address:  The Receiver will take all information provided seriously and will follow up expeditiously.  In addition, they will treat all information provided in a confidential manner. 

Contrary to recent responses from the Company, the Receiver is the only party attempting to safeguard shareholders and working under the authority of duly granted Court Orders. Make no mistake; the Receiver is legally in charge of the Company. We have reached a critical stage in the Receivership, and information, support or other assistance to the Receiver at this point can assist in reaching our ultimate goal of restoring the Company’s value for all shareholders.