A Call to Action

Since we wrote, “Taking Back Our Company One Share at a Time”, seven short days ago, we have made extraordinary progress in moving forward with actions that we believe are consistent with our only goal to enable this Company to survive and fully recover for everyone. Specifically, we crossed over 30 million votes pledged and just updated our site to show the exact tally is now at 31.8 million.   We have the support of every major shareholder currently outside of the Company.  We retained legal counsel with specific experience to fight this fight and we established a mechanism to fund this battle. We have accomplished a lot; however, we are just getting started and make this new updated Call to Action. We need the support now of all shareholders, large and small, to assist us in this battle.

In particular, we are calling for the public support of the largest shareholder, China AI as well as other Directors and insiders who also own shares and want what is best for the Company — namely its survival and recovery. It was Winston Churchill who said: “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” The truth in this case is obvious. There is only one side looking out for all shareholders, and now is not the time to ignore that side as if nothing is happening. Change is happening and change is possible, but only if all shareholders, especially the Directors with the largest stake, choose between inertia and the status quo, or dramatic change as we have outlined in all our posts. Now is not the time for silence or complacency, but rather action. We call on China AI to speak with one voice with the shareholders we represent and for the Company’s future. In fact, China AI and all directors have a duty and obligation to do what is necessary to enable the recovery of this Company.

We are committed to go the full distance until this is decided, and only ask that all shareholders who support our initiative step forward now and in full.  There is no time to sit back and watch from the sidelines.  You are either on the Company’s Team or you are on the team enabling the failure of the Company.  There is no in between.  Stand up and join the side of truth.  All eyes are watching your every move.




特别是,我们呼吁大股东,China AI以及其他董事和管理人士的公众支持。他们也拥有股份,并同样渴望上市公司能客服眼前的困难,并良好地生存下去。正如温斯顿丘吉尔说道:“人们偶尔会被真相绊倒,但他们中的大多数人都会站起来,好像什么都没发生过一样。”凌动目前所面对的真相很明显。只有一方希望全体股东获利。现在不是时候忽视这一方,好像什么也没发生。变革正在发生,变革是可能的,但前提是所有股东,特别是拥有最大股份的董事,在不作为,满意现状和进行重大变革两者间做出选择。现在不是沉默或自满的时候,而是行动。我们呼吁China AI与我们所代表的股东站在一起,为公司一个健康和美好的未来发出应有的声音。事实上,China AI和所有董事都有不可推卸的义务和责任为实现公司的生存和复苏做出必要的努力。